Active Societies

Supporting the next generation of changemakers

Despite the regime’s concerted efforts to suppress opposition, the heart and courage for change remain. In the globalised world, information flows freer and faster than the grasp of any government.

In Russia, ideas of freedom and democracy have already spread.

They have become entwined with the aspirations of a generation who understand their role as global citizens. People are mobilising around issues in their community. And so, the story of an alternative Russia has already been born. It lives in the imagination of those learning about free and fair elections. It lives in the hearts of protestors taking to the streets. It lives in the bonds of communities working for better possibilities.

Our ‘Active Societies’ programme supports these changemakers to implement their ideas and activities. 

Are you helping to mobilise around an issue that impacts your community? Do you need support to accelerate that change? Then we want to hear from you.

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“Journalists, activists, bloggers, human rights defenders, opposition leaders – there are so many people already working for an alternative Russia, a free Russia.”