Active Societies

Supporting the next generation of changemakers

Russian citizens understand the need for change. Every day we see ordinary people mobilising to take action against issues affecting their communities.

Awareness of the need for active citizenship is spreading.

The dream of an open Russia reflects the aspirations of a generation who understand that Russia’s future belongs to them. They see the potential for Russia to thrive, at peace with itself and its neighbours. This vision lives in the hearts of citizens building change in their communities. It lives in the bonds of cultural exchanges happening across our globalised world.

Our ‘Active Societies’ programme supports change-makers to implement their ideas and activities in their communities, building change from the grassroots up.

Are you helping to educate and raise awareness around an issue that impacts your community? Do you need support to accelerate that change? Then we want to hear from you.

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Ordinary citizens across Russia are working to make change in their communities. It is through their efforts that the outline of an alternative Russia, a free Russia, is already visible.