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We fund Russian civil society, empowering, educating and equipping it to build a free and democratic Russia

We support individuals and organisations whose work falls within our four thematic focuses of Active Societies, Independent Media, Cultural Exchange and Open Education.

From funding cutting-edge policy analysis to scholarships for outstanding students to supporting citizen journalists, we fund a wide range of work. What every project in our portfolio has in common is the benefit it delivers to advancing the development of an educated and active Russian civil society. To see if your project might qualify for support, review our Fundraising FAQs.

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Our application form outlines all the key information we are interested in with regards to your project. Please feel free to use this form as a guide. If you wish to apply using a different format that will better showcase your work then we are happy to receive your proposal however you want.

What matters is that you demonstrate why Future of Russia should fund you, how your project meets our thematic interests, and how together we can make a difference for the people of Russia.

An educated and active civil society is vital to the health of any democracy.

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