Our approach

Helping to build a free and democratic Russia

The problem

In Russia, ideas have become the enemy.

Civil society has been systematically restricted. Journalists and activists have been arrested, educational courses and exchange programmes shut down. State propaganda demonises the work of civil society as ‘foreign meddling’. Those that speak out have become targets of harassment and can face imprisonment and mob violence.

There is now a dangerous vacuum where an active civil society should be.

Millions of citizens are left in political darkness and denied the right to assemble, to debate, to articulate a vision for the future of Russia.

The removal of opposition, of an independent media, of human rights defenders, and the selective use of force, means there are no checks and balances on the regime’s authority.



“When citizens are denied freedom of expression, those societies are being shaped and influenced without the wisdom of its people.”

Our Response

Right now, ordinary people are risking everything to architect an alternate vision of Russia’s future, a future of democratic freedoms.

They are fighting to keep Russian civil society alive.

They have a vision for the future of Russia, a future built on good governance, democratic law, rising living standards, an independent media, active communities and free-flowing ideas.

A Russia where the people author their own story. A Russia that is an ally to the world and the global challenges we face.

We exist to help bring their vision to life.

We do this by supporting individuals and organisations whose work falls within our four thematic focuses of Active Societies, Independent Media, Cultural Exchange and Open Education

“We are a meeting place for those that want to fund an alternative Russia and those that are building it.”