Funding FAQ’s

Am I eligible?

Future of Russia Trust is open to supporting both individuals and organisations. To be eligible for funding your proposed project must fall under one of our four broad thematic areas of focus:

1. Open Education. We support education programmes that encourage Russian people to discover new knowledge and new ways of being beyond the framework of official discourse.

2. Active Societies. We support programmes to accelerate change in communities, helping people implement their ideas and providing support and protection when needed.

3. Independent Media. We support independent media to cover stories outside the mainstream narrative, fight disinformation and broaden perspectives.

4. Cultural Exchange. We support opportunities for cultural exchange and dialogue that strengthen the fabric of human to human relations.

Where do you fund?

Grantees can be based anywhere, but the value of your work must benefit the Russian people, and you must demonstrate this impact clearly in your proposal.

How much can I ask for?

We do not have a fixed funding scale. We want to be inspired on a project-by-project basis. What matters most is the scale of change you believe you can make.

How do I apply?

Our application process is easy and straightforward.

You can download our application form here. This form covers the key questions we would like your proposal to address, and you can submit this form as an application to:

This form can also be used as a template for you to create your own submission if you wish. We trust that you know your project best and if you would like to showcase your proposal to us in an alternative format then we are happy for you to do so. What matters is that you demonstrate why Future of Russia should fund you, how your project meets our thematic interests, and how together we can make a difference for the people of Russia.

How long does it take to get a decision?

Applications are received on a rolling basis and reviewed each quarter by our Trustees. If you are successful, you should receive a decision within 12 to 16 weeks of submission. Due to staff constraints, we will only get in touch with applicants we want to partner with. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified though you are welcome to apply again.



What are your reporting requirements for grantees?

We like to stay in touch with our grantees and receive regular updates from them. Reporting requirements are reviewed on a project-by-project basis depending on the complexities of the work. At a minimum, we like to receive updates twice a year from our grantees.

Our Thematic Areas