Independent Media

Telling the stories that matter

We all see the world through the lens of our own cultural prism. The stories that surround us provide the framework for our understanding, our values, our beliefs. Repressive regimes police the stories that get told, narrowing the social discourse and limiting people’s perceptions. 

That’s why we fund programmes to support a free press.

Thriving communities are built on a plurality of viewpoints and perspectives. It requires a media that evaluates its leaders and encourages critical thought and open debate. The Russian people need access to objective information to help enrichen public discourse and strengthen engagement. 

Our ‘Independent Media’ programme encourages journalists to cover stories outside the mainstream narrative, fight disinformation and broaden perspectives. 

Do you have important stories to tell? Stories that matter? We want to hear from you.

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“Russia has embarked on a course of alienation from Europe. This is dangerous because we can only be what we can see. We need new stories and new voices more than ever.”