Who we are

The future of Russia always has and always will belong to its people

Our Story

Future of Russia Trust is a philanthropic fund working to advance Russian civil society.

We believe that civil society is the future of Russia. It is the cornerstone of democratic change. Despite the regime’s concerted efforts to suppress dissent, the heart and courage for change remain.

Working in collaboration with other philanthropic partners, we raise and distribute funds to individuals and organisations leading Russian civil society.

Together, we support people who care.

People who are active. People who have ideas on how to solve the problems that exist and are committed to building a free and open Russia.

We help to grow their number so the call of a few, becomes the chorus of the many.

“Our vision is of a free and democratic Russia underpinned by a diverse and expansive civil society.”


“People’s courage have authored many transformational chapters of human history. We exist to help the courage of Russia’s people write a new chapter for our country.”

Our history

Future of Russia Trust has Russian roots. Founded with a Russian endowment in XX, we use this money to raise and distribute funds to individuals and organisations dedicated to making Russia a better and safer place – for the world, and its people.

We are proud Russian patriots.

The world has grown accustomed to seeing Russia through the prism of its authoritarian leaders. But there is another Russia to know. A Russia with a rich history, diverse culture, and courageous people. The future of Russia lies beyond the shadow of the regime. The future of Russia belongs to its people. We bring our talent, knowledge and skills to help build a new future for Russia, a future where Russia and its people can realise their potential.

“We can change things if we stay together and work together.”