Who we are

The future of Russia always has and always will belong to its people

Our Mission

We believe that education is essential for the development of a modern, democratic society. Our vision is to strengthen educational opportunities for the people of Russia so they can author their own futures.

Working in collaboration with other philanthropic partners, we raise and distribute funds to individuals and organisations working to bring to life this vision of a Russia that belongs to its people.

Together, we support people who care.

People who are active. People who have ideas on how to solve the problems that exist and are committed to building a Russia open to Europe.

We help to grow their number so the call of a few, becomes the chorus of the many.

Future of Russia Trust is a philanthropic fund working to educate and strengthen Russian civil society.


People’s courage has authored many transformational chapters of human history. Future of Russia exists to help the courage of Russian changemakers to write a new chapter in the story of Russia.



Our history

Future of Russia Trust has Russian roots. It was founded in September 2002 with an endowment from Mikhail Khodorkovsky the former CEO of Yukos Oil, who spent ten years as a political prisoner in Russia and is now an ardent campaigner for democratic freedom.

Mikhail pledged his support in order to help “create an infrastructure from which the next generation of Russia’s leaders will emerge.”

We have used Mikhail’s gift ever since to help raise and distribute funds to individuals and organisations dedicated to making Russia a better and safer place – for the world, and its people.

We bring together outstanding talent, knowledge, and skills to help build a future where Russia and its people can realise their potential.