Royal Academy of Music

Open Education

Supporting musical excellence.

For several years we have been partnering with the world-famous Royal Academy of Music to support scholarships for outstanding Russian talent.

Studying at the Royal Academy is an incredible opportunity but for many students there can be significant financial barriers. Aspiring musicians have to navigate demanding classes, hours of gruelling practice, and performance commitments. Juggling additional part-time work responsibilities can limit even the most talented students progress and work restrictions for international students can restrict earning potential.

Our scholarships help ease the financial burden on exceptional talent. They free aspiring musicians to focus entirely on honing their abilities and to truly excel.

“Studying music at the Academy is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“I am grateful and honoured to know Future of Russia Trust! I thank them as a musician, and of course as a person, a girl from Moscow, who loved to play clarinet since she was a kid. And now, I have been gifted a channel, an open window to the boundless worlds of music and art in general. Future of Russia Trust changed my life. My whole family and I want to thank you. I know that I will progress and become a musician and a scholar that you will be proud of!”

Alina, Future of Russia Trust, scholarship recipient.


“Thanks to a grant from Future Russia Trust, Alina has been able to circumnavigate financial barriers and to properly focus on developing her musical potential during her time here. By supporting the Academy in this way, the impact you have had on her life is immeasurable.”

Jenny Mercer, Senior Trusts and Foundations Manager, Royal Academy of Music