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Future of Russia Trust has supported a 12-month fellowship for a senior analyst at Chatham House – one of the world’s leading policy institutes – to produce in-depth policy analysis of the Russian context. 

Nikolai Petrov was awarded the fellowship in April 2019. Nikolai produced an outstanding project proposal and has a stellar reputation within the policy analysis community in Russia and internationally.

The story so far

Nikolai has organised events, webinars, spoken on panels, published papers and written chapters on a diverse range of themes relating to the political situation in Russia. Topics covered include regional dynamics in Crimea, protests in Moscow, political repression and the 2019 Russian elections.

Nikolai’s ability to add a Russian research-backed perspective to policy discussions has been welcomed by academics, policy-makers, NGOs and the corporate sector.

Next Steps

In the next stage of his research, Nikolai will explore the roots of Russian decision-making and the influence of individuals within Russia’s top policy circles. Nikolai will examine 100 important policy decisions made between 2000-2019. His analysis will focus on the major actors and beneficiaries of these decisions, as well as the process involved in announcing and implementing them.

Nikolai’s comments have garnered an international audience generating on average 2,300 views from 71 countries.

“The fellowship contributes to Chatham House’s wider mission to deliver rigorous, actionable research and connect it to effective policy making.”

James Nixey- Director, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House