Human Rights Conference

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Human Rights, Freedom and Justice.

In September 2019, Future of Russia supported the third annual ‘Human Rights, Freedom and Justice’ conference in memory of Yuri Schmidt, the well-known Russian human rights lawyer.

Bringing decision-makers together

The event brought together 40 Russian lawyers, activists, NGO workers and journalists who advocate for human rights under increasingly deteriorating conditions.

Together with 35 German colleagues – including key policy-makers and high-ranking representatives of the German Foreign Office and Federal Chancellery – they discussed and analysed the challenges and developments for human rights work in Russia.

Building powerful networks

In Russia, the regime has waged a comprehensive campaign against civil society in a bid to neutralise its power. Conferences such as this are vital for keeping the human rights movement connected, mobilised and empowered.

The conference helped key decision-makers better understand the Russian context and the Russian human rights movement agenda. It built vital linkages and has helped to create a more integrated network of actors working to support Russian civil society.

This year, the conference consisted of a series of round tables. Participating experts discussed current human rights developments in Russia and the challenges they present.