‘Our North’

Independent Media

Information is power

‘Our North’ is an exciting new media partnership with the Moscow newspaper of the same name. Together we aim to empower residents to defend their rights and mobilise to protect their communities.

A platform for active citizens.

‘Our North’ will be a youtube channel featuring educational resources, legal information, and citizen journalism.

The site will showcase educational videos, interviews and expert commentary on a variety of topics. Human rights defenders, lawyers, economists and specialists in housing and tax law will provide clarification and assistance in response to questions and issues that residents face.

Citizenship journalism and investigative pieces will help raise awareness about life in the district, spreading successful examples of local self-government and how residents are protecting and defending their rights.

‘Our North’ will help strengthen active civil society and launch a unified platform for citizen journalism in the capital.

“Our North’ will raise the level of human rights literacy of the population and attract people to participate in local self-government.”

“Civil society gets built from the grassroots up. More and more people are mobilising around issues in their community. Programmes like ‘Our North’ seek to accelerate that change, helping people implement their ideas and create change in their communities.

Maria Logan, Future of Russia Trust