Pushkin Prize

Cultural Exchange

Poetry and Protest

Poetry has become a popular form of protest in Russia. Poetry can escape the attention of the censor, allowing citizens a medium with which to express themselves freely. Poetry and spoken word have rapidly become popular forms of expression in Russia, and social media has provided a powerful new platform for people to share their work.

Supporting poetic exchanges.

Future of Russia Trust has given Pushkin House – the UK’s oldest independent Russian cultural centre – three-years of funding to deliver the Contemporary Russian Poetry in Translation Residency.

Poets receive little support or recognition within the Russian cultural scene and often struggle to get by. This Residency responds to these issues, providing support and reaching across the cultural divide via translation.

The Residency is beneficial and enriching for all involved.

Russian poets feel supported and recognised at a crucial time in their career and are introduced to a professional network of translators, editors, publishers, critics and translators.

UK audiences get to learn and understand Russia in cultural, rather than political terms.

Contemporary poetry and spoken word performance are at the cutting edge of creative expression in present day Russia.

“The quality of the applications was outstanding and the poets nominated wide ranging, from living classics to edgy up and coming poets. We believe that this residency is providing a strong need for translators and poets to spend time together, allowing a relationship to develop that deepens the understanding of the poetry and ways of translating it.’

Clem Cecil, Pushkin House Director