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Educating Civil Society

The Open University is an online education platform with a difference. It empowers people individually, but it also helps give them the skills, insights and critical thinking tools to transform their communities.

An active civil society is vital to the health and diversity of any democracy. It is the space in society that belongs exclusively to the people. Where individuals and organisations, independent of the government, can organise and represent the interests and needs of their community. 

A thriving civil society requires citizens with the ability to evaluate their leaders, challenge old dogmas, and enrich the public sphere with new ideas and new ways of being. 

This is precisely the kind of civic education that the Open University offers.

Open University offers courses to encourage responsible citizenship. Its programmes help people understand Russian history, how society works and the foundations of law and economics. Classes are taught by a wide range of talent from across the education spectrum including leading political scientists, historians, philosophers, journalists, art theorists, linguists and social anthropologists.

Civil Society needs educated citizens who can think critically and defend their interests.